Govt Allocates Budget For Mini Great Wall Construction

Hamro Jamana -   हाम्रो जमाना || २०७७ फाल्गुण २ आइतबार

Tanahun, Feb. 14: Replicating the Great Wall of China, the Government of Nepal has allocated a budget of Rs. 70 million to construct a mini “Great Wall” in Bandipur, Tanahun.
Chairman of Bandipur Rural Municipality Purna Singh Thapa informed that the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation had approved the project under Minister Yogesh Bhattarai and allocated the budget. He also shared that the rural municipality had allocated an additional Rs. 7 million for the project.
Chairman of Tanahun Tourism Development Committee Hari Singh Gurung also expressed his delight at the construction and said that it showed that the government was interested in developing tourism in Bandipur.
Initially, the construction was only being funded by the rural municipality. However, it proved insufficient and additional budget had to be demanded from the government.
The wall, which has been officially named Mani Mukunda Sen Wall and unofficially the Mini Great Wall, will be 1,100 metres long. Construction work was supposed to be completed within the current fiscal year. But it looks like that deadline might need to be extended because of the delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The wall will start from Thani Mai Temple and will extend to Mukundeshwori Hill, which was once ruled by King Mukunda Sen and which is also known as the queen of the hills because of its picturesque scenery. The wall is expected to attract a large number of tourists.
A three-foot wide trail will also be constructed alongside the wall. Thapa said that people would be allowed to go round the trail on horseback if they paid a certain amount for the ticket. “This money will benefit the rural municipality,” he said.
“Moreover, the youths will be given training to properly manage the horses which will, in turn, help them get employment,” Thapa added.
The locals are also curious about the construction of the unique architectural structure.
Together with the wall, a museum will also be built on the Mukundeshwori Hill. Vice-Chairperson of the rural municipality Karuna Gurung said that the local government would also construct a garden around the wall.
She shared with The Rising Nepal that the ultimate intention of the rural municipality was to establish Bandipur as the tourist centre like Kathmandu, Pokhara and Sauraha.
Similarly, chairman of Bandipur Tourism Development Committee Kisan Pradhan expressed that the wall would add beauty to the already beautiful hill. Local teacher Shree Krishna Acharya believed that even the unfinished structure looked very attractive and said that the people were delighted about the building of such a distinctive wall for the first time in Nepal.
Tourism is the major source of income for the residents of Bandipur. Hence, everyone is excited for the wall and are looking forward to the visitors it might potentially attract. 

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